5 Fall Decor DIY Projects

In need of some fall decor ideas to make for your home? If you need DIY projects to work on, these DIY fall decorations roundup will give you lots of ideas. From wreaths to pumpkin decors, I have you covered. All you need is a few minutes, your creativity and of course this list so we can get the ball rolling!

With fall here, it has always been my goal to make fall decorations for the home. It just doesn’t feel complete if I don’t do anything for this season. I wanted to try some new things for my DIY fall decorations so if you want some fall decorating ideas, continue scrolling. I’m sure you’ll be inspired with these cool DIY projects to get your home fall-ready in no time

Fun Fall Wreath Ideas

Fall is the perfect time to adorn your front door with the coolest DIY fall wreath. If you need some fall wreath ideas.So, there you go folks! Ring in the fall with these top-of-the-line dainty and crafty Fall wreath. Nothing says homey and inviting like some front door decor. Your neighbors will peak and you’ll be Fall appropriate and fell festive in no time!

Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

Fall decorations are never complete without pumpkins.Now, I am quite the crafter, but I never realized how many creative options you have with your Fall pumpkins! Although carving is the tradition in our family, it can get quite sticky and messy, especially if you have little ones. We wanted to see what other crafters were doing, and boy were we surprised! People have taken this to a whole new level, and we are super excited to share these ideas with you.

Thanksgiving Pine Cone Banner

In case you didn’t want to make a wood banner, here’s an alternative. It doesn’t really have to spell out thanksgiving.It is time to start being Thankful and decorating for Thanksgiving Dinner. This is a cute and very easy to make Thanksgiving Pine Cone Banner that I made with my new DIY/Craft contributor Moka.

Fall Leaves and Burlap DIY Candles

Light up any room with this creative fall decoration.These festive autumn candles combine some of my very favorite craft supplies to work with: Mason jars, fall leaves, and burlap ribbon. I love the contrasting textures of the leaves and burlap, which adds interest to an otherwise very simple design. This easy project will add a rustic glamour to Thanksgiving entertaining or make a great gift.

DIY Tealight Nut Fall Centerpiece

Create a stunning centerpiece that will make everyone wow.Fist thing to do is light on the tealights to make the wax melt. Light on 5 candles for 4 nuts, and leave them in a safe place. Attention: never leave them out of your sight, you never know what might happen.